When you apply for a new loan, the Good credit provider looks at a number of factors that determine whether or not to grant the requested loan. For example, your age, income, family, and living situation have a major impact on the granting and the amount of the loan.

The more certainty the bank gets, in the form of, for example, owning an owner-occupied home and having a permanent employment contract, the higher the possible loan amount.

At Good Credit, you can choose from three types of loans from our consumer Good Credit: a personal loan, continuous Good Credit or homeowner personal loan. You make a choice depending on your loan goal and your personal wishes.

Factors that determine the amount of your loan amount

Factors that determine the amount of your loan amount

If you already have a current loan, this loan amount counts when determining the amount of your new loan. But there are also fewer obvious things that ensure that you can get a lower loan amount than expected. Consider, for example, making purchases on installments, using a private lease, participating in the bicycle plan through your work or using a credit card.

From 1 May this year, a subscription, in combination with a new mobile phone, will be registered as a loan with the BKR if the amount is $ 250 or higher. This registration has consequences for the maximum loan amount for a new loan.

Do you want to prevent a registration? Pay off your phone within three months. Your telephone and subscription will then not be included in the determination of your loan amount.

Standing in red on your account is a great option

Standing in red on your account is a great option

If you are short of cash and you have to make an unexpected expense. If this is for a very short period, for example, until your next salary has been paid again, this has no consequences except the interest to be paid on the amount of overdraft.

At this moment you can be in the red for 3 months for Good Credit of $ 500 or higher before a notification is made to the BKR. These rules will become stricter from 1 December 2017. Good Credit of more than $ 250 with a duration of one month must also be reported to the BKR.

If you want to buy a house and you are going to calculate the mortgage amount you can take out, current loans have consequences for the amount. All loans are registered with the BKR. You have two types of registrations: a positive one and a negative one. You will receive the latter in case of payment arrears. You will then not receive a mortgage.

Credit card

Buying a credit card on Good Credit. You pay and pay the amount back later. If you make payments with a credit card, the amount of which must be repaid within 30 days, there is no registration of the card. In this case your credit card has no consequences for the amount of your loan.
If you can repay the amount withdrawn from your credit card in several installments, the card will be registered and will affect the amount of your new loan.

Purchase by installment

Purchase by installment is also a form of Good Credit. For an amount from $ 250 or more, the payment arrangement is registered with the BKR. If you have purchased on installment and you want to take out a loan, it is smart to combine everything into one loan.

A loan has a lower interest rate than the interest that you pay when buying on installment. When buying on installment, the maximum legally permitted interest is often calculated . Transferring the installment plan to a personal loan or ongoing Good Credit is free of charge and can be done at any time.

Private lease contract and bicycle plan


If you lease a car as a private individual, this form of car financing is called a private lease. You can then drive a new car for a fixed monthly fee. The monthly installment to be paid (based on the number of kilometers driven and the duration of the private lease) is included in the lease contract. The leasing company registers your lease contract with the BKR and therefore has consequences for your maximum loan amount.

If you can purchase a bicycle through your employer, it may be that this has consequences for the amount of your loan. This is the case if your employer registers the bicycle as a loan.

Have you studied and do you have an outstanding student loan? This debt is not registered with the BKR, but it is included as an outstanding debt amount with a new loan.

Transfer to one loan


Many consumers often close all current Good Credit and/or loans into one large loan when they want to take out a new loan. This way you get an overview and you will benefit from a low-interest rate; the interest on a high loan amount is lower than the interest on a small loan amount.

Our adviser answers your questions

Do you want to take out a loan and are you curious about your maximum loan amount? Do you have a BKR registration and do you want to know what your options are to borrow money online? Contact our adviser. Or make a calculation through our tool. You can also request a quote directly. We will then contact you to discuss your application, give you personal advice and you will receive a suitable proposal.

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