Before considering painting, it is essential to choose the right loan that will finance the entire renovation. Several financings can meet this need.

Painting work, choose the right credit

Painting work, choose the right creditPainting work, choose the right credit

The work is often necessary in certain old dwellings, we generally start with the shell and then we will finish with the finishing. While some households will include the amount in the home loan, others will finance the work as they go and take out loans at the desired times. In this scenario, it is important to choose the right loan, the one that will both finance the need, but also the one that will provide the borrower with good repayment terms.

It is therefore necessary at first to define the type of project, that is to say, to know if the painting work will be carried out by the inhabitants (this simply involves buying the necessary equipment and taking time free to carry out the work), or by a professional. Within the framework of a craftsman, it is necessary to canvass the professionals to quickly obtain a quote for painting online to justify the sum to be financed. These elements will be essential to then move towards good credit.

Personal loan or earmarked loan for works

Personal loan or earmarked loan for works

The personal loan is the simplest consumer credit because it makes it possible to obtain an envelope within the framework of works carried out by the inhabitants. The advantage is not to have to justify the sums, the borrower requests an amount encompassing the need and he can freely draw from the funds to finance the needs in terms of works. The risk is to see too broad or to draw on this loan for other projects, which pushes to accumulate the loans.

The other credit is the loan allocated to works, it is a consumer credit, the amount of which is only granted on presentation of supporting documents. It can be a quote for the purchase of materials and / or the service of a professional, that is to say a craftsman in painting. If the borrower cancels his project, the credit falls into the water, which is a guarantee. However, its implementation requires a little more time with the credit organization.

Compare rates online

Compare rates online

Whether in the context of a personal loan or restricted credit, it is advisable to use an online comparator in order to quickly obtain proposals from credit organizations. The interest being to compare the rates and the conditions of subscriptions, which then makes it possible to negotiate the loan offers and to subscribe to the best proposal. If the personal loan allows you to have a credit in the form of an envelope to use, the other loan must necessarily be used to finance a painting business. Advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account when applying for credit, and moreover two simulations can perfectly be carried out to compare the two possible credits.

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