Costs used car

Are you curious whether a second-hand car is still cheaper now that the salon conditions for a new car are already so favorable. What are the costs of a second-hand car? In order to get the most complete picture of the possible costs of a used car, you should not look at the purchase price but at the TCO (total cost of ownership), which is used to calculate all the costs of a car over its entire life. In general, the purchase price for a new car is higher and a second-hand car generates higher maintenance and repair costs.

Maintenance and repair costs used car

Often there are more costs for a second-hand car because cars that are no longer so new require more maintenance. Normally, a car can drive about 90,000 kilometers without too many breakdowns and costs. With a higher number of km, the costs increase and from 150,000 they become considerably large. If you are going to calculate the costs of a second-hand car, you should count on a new timing belt after approximately 90,000 km and new tires after 50,000 km.

… Other second-hand car costs

We list other possible costs for you:
1. The annual inspection: the inspection may be more important for a second-hand car.
2. The tax on entry into service (TES): the owner of a second-hand car has to pay a smaller sum than someone who drives a new car. This only applies as long as the tax is calculated on the basis of the fiscal horsepower. No degressive scale is used for CO2 emissions.
3. The annual driving tax: the tax is the same for a second-hand car and a new car.
4. Insurance: in the case of a second-hand car, the comprehensive insurance, which is no longer available, can be replaced by assistance insurance.
5. Cost of parts: a part for a used car costs the same as one for a new car. The costs therefore remain the same.

Guarantees used cars vs new cars

Often you will enjoy remarkable guarantees with new cars (two years and longer) while with second-hand you will often have to make do with a warranty of only 1 year. There are a few garages where you can get extensions up to three years: MyWay from the Volkswagen group and Topcar from Toyota. If you are looking for a better young (max 1 year old) second-hand car, then be sure to visit Nearly New Car from Mercedes-Benz.

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