Some tips for investing in art

In times of bad interest rates, more people are opting for other forms of investing. The art sector, for example, offers an alternative. For example, the turnover of the art sector in Belgium increased by 17.2 percent between 2002 and 2006, according to a British study by the European Art Foundation. Some things to keep in mind:

The art sector is an erratic investment environment. Van Gogh can confirm this: some works of art take a long time to be generally recognized, and other works of art disappear into anonymity after a period of praise.

Contemporary or ancient art?

Investing in contemporary and modern art is much more risky than purchasing recognized old art. Grethe Zeberg, chairwoman of the Antiques Fair, states the following in an interview with De Tijd: “Contemporary art belongs to speculative investments. The return is uncertain and prices can rise or fall sharply. Ancient art, especially old paintings and old masters â $ ¦ are considered defensive investments. ”

Professional art dealer?

Art dealer is not a protected profession, and anyone can take the title. You can check whether your antique dealer is affiliated with a professional association. The Royal Guild of Flemish Antique Dealers is an example of such a professional association. The members are obliged to comply with the statutes. So be sure to ask your art dealer if he is affiliated with a professional association.

Real or fake?

With master forgers like Han Van Meegeren in mind, you can be sure that your purchased work is truly authentic. When purchasing, make sure that you receive the necessary documents that prove the authenticity of the work.


Do not go overnight when purchasing a work. Make sure you are sufficiently informed about the art world, and let someone with a clear view of the matter assist you. Depending on your budget, you can first start on a small scale with a collection of etchings, and eventually switch to drawings and paintings. There is no clear-cut strategy for investing in art, so much depends on the better gut feeling.

Source: De Tijd, Milozine

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