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Economic independence

One of the goals of the emancipation policy is to promote the economic independence of individuals. A person is economically independent when he or she earns 70% of the net minimum wage. This is the assistance level of a single person. This concerns income from work and profit from business. Thus, benefits do not contribute to […]

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Change your current account or giro account.

If you wish to switch to another bank or because you want to split your old current account or giro account, there are a few things you should take into account….

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How safe to handle credit cards, bank cards?

Payment cards, â $ ¦ we use them almost every day. Of course there is a good chance that you will lose one of your cards or that you will become a victim of theft. We give a number of tips to prevent loss, theft and which institutions to contact, â $ ¦

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Save money on your property tax!

Save money on property tax. The total amount is determined by the nature of the property, family situation, location of the property,…. You can calculate online how much property tax you have to pay ...

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