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The guaranteed income insurance: compensation in the event of illness or accidents

Suppose you earn a good living as a self-employed person. But suddenly you become (seriously) ill or you are involved in an accident. The result: you are incapacitated for work for a long time, which means that your income drops significantly. Meanwhile, the bills just keep coming in. The solution to this financial loss? Guaranteed income insurance!

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Homeowner can save a lot of money

AMERSFOORT - Homeowners with a top mortgage can save many hundreds of US dollars per year with one phone call or email to their mortgage lender. According to the Vereniging Eigen Huis, banks charge a risk surcharge, which the customer often no longer has to pay at all. According to Hans Andrà © de la Porte of the association, it is mainly about […]

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The tax authorities help pay… Tax benefits of a mortgage loan

New tax regime for mortgage loans after 1 January 2005 If you took out a mortgage loan before 2005, you could benefit from the favorable tax regime that was called bouwsparen. With these so-called older loans, a distinction is made in terms of the deduction of capital and interest.

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