2022 China-Oceania-South Pacific International Trade Digital Expo Opens Online

This exhibition takes Chinese enterprises as the main body, takes the needs of sellers in Oceania and the South Pacific region as the core, and uses the digital exhibition platform to provide enterprises with online trading opportunities and services. precise correspondence. Over 3000 buyers are expected to visit and connect online. The exhibits cover Xinjiang textiles, garments and cotton products, medical devices, building materials and hardware, gifts and office supplies, home appliances and furniture, consumer electronics and electronics. other areas. The expo also set up 13 exhibition areas, among which the “Chinese Brand” exhibition area showcases Chinese brand enterprises, products and services, and establishes a good image of Chinese brands.. In the “Service Trade” exhibition area, service enterprises are given preference, and efforts are made to promote “Chinese services” to globalize and deeply integrate into the industrial chain, value chain and global supply chain.

At present, the digital mode combining online and offline is becoming the new standard of the exhibition industry. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) actively plans to continue to help Chinese enterprises “maintain orders” and “stabilize foreign trade” based on the experience accumulated in organizing digital exhibits, and makes make full use of the platform advantages of the “CCPIT cloud Exhibition” to display China’s development achievements, economic and trade cooperation between China and Oceania and the South Pacific region, while presenting the environment trade in Oceania, interpreting relevant free trade agreements and the Global Economic and Trade Friction Index and other important information. During the expo, six industry matchmaking meetings will be held, with themes including Xinjiang textile, apparel and cotton products, medical devices, building hardware and materials, gifts and office supplies, household appliances and consumer electronics, to help Chinese companies continue their online trade. with politicians and businessmen from Oceania and the South Pacific region. The exhibition period of this expo is 10 days and will end on July 21, 2022.

SOURCE ZhongZhan Information Cooperation Data Service Company

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