Building errors

Anyone who is going to build their dream house faces a major challenge. Not only can it turn out to be expensive, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Listed the 8 most common building mistakes. 1. Do not think about the loan Before you even start building, try your financial situation like this […]

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Current account costs

A current account is meant to save money, certainly not to have extra costs. And yet the current account costs are often high. The costs are charged to your current account around the turn of the year. The prices depend on the bank and the services provided: one or two bank cards with or without a Maestro function […]

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You do not always have to wait for the sales period to make bargains. Prices are often linked to specific times. For example, when a new model is launched, the old models are greatly discounted. This applies to electronics, kitchen appliances and even cars. Retailers want to make way for new models and that is why the […]

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Import car

Are cars really cheaper abroad? It can be interesting to compare what the prices are abroad and how much you could possibly save by importing a car. If you already know which make and model you want, it is worthwhile to see if you have the same […]

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Extra discount

Who wouldn't want to get an extra discount when buying a new car? Here are some tips that will make it easy to get an extra discount. 1. If you want an extra discount, don't say too quickly that you want to trade in your old car. It is best to wait until the discount is fixed […]

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