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Here’s how the This is Shanghai @thatshanghai The Instagram account works: users hashtag their images #thatsshanghai and we select the best of them to reprogram, identifying the original photographer.

In the process, we found ourselves reposting some absolutely stunning photos from the city and beyond. And, the more we did, the more we noticed we were reprogramming photos from the same accounts and tagging them over and over again.

We have therefore decided to address these Instagrammers of Shanghai for learn a little more about them and their methods. And, of course, share their amazing work…

French of Chinese origin, Shi Ye @yeshinobi was born in Wenzhou, then grew up and lived his whole life in France, before moving to Shanghai in 2012. He started his career in an engraving machine company, but gradually changed paths and devoted himself to photography.

How did you come to photography?
Photography has always been one of my passions. When I was a child, my father’s friend was passionate about photography and she taught me how to handle a camera. I was always very curious about this since we also had our own camera at home.

My career had nothing to do with photography. However, I became interested in it after moving to China and dedicated myself to it.

How do you choose where to shoot?
I prefer to shoot in places that people haven’t seen, especially abandoned places, deserted areas and vast landscapes.

To find these places, I browse a lot on social networks and get inspiration from other photographers and bloggers.

I also like to photograph the daily life of people. For this, I walk around the city and something captivating always happens to me.

What are you looking for in a photograph?
First, I try to make sense of the photo and look for meaning, because good photography should tell a story.

I also try to find original angles that bring out the perspective of the place I’m photographing. I often play with the different angles in order to capture an original photograph with an angle that may not have been seen before.

Favorite places in Shanghai to photograph?
I don’t have a particular favorite place in Shanghai. All new locations are good places to discover and capture.

If I had to choose a place, it would be the former 1933 slaughterhouse, because of its architecture. I really like the structure of the place. Considering that it is entirely built in concrete, it gives an old and original touch to the photo.

And outside of Shanghai?
I often shoot in the city of Wenzhou, because it is my hometown. I go back several times a year and always take the opportunity to visit its surroundings.

Although it’s not a big city, I think its countryside hides a lot of beautiful places to discover.

How is the Instagram community in Shanghai?
The Instagram community in Shanghai is not as big as it could have been. This is partly due to internet restrictions in China, as not everyone can access this network.

Shanghai has many talented photographers, but most post on Chinese networks such as Xiao Hong Shu 小红书 or Mepai 米拍摄影.

What advice would you give to someone trying to keep up with creating an Instagram account?
Perseverance: Keep taking and posting photos. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep a consistent flow, with the same color shades or theme.

I realized my account wasn’t as clean and organized as I wanted it to be; it was partly because I would post all kinds of pictures.

So I created several accounts to manage and organize my work: one for gastronomy @hungryshi and another for portraits @ys_portraits.

Right here, Shi Ye presents some of his favorite shots:


“This is one of my favorite photos. I was in the right place at the right time. I love the contrast between the luxury of the Peace Hotel and the migrant worker.


“Songzanlin Monastery in Shangri-La. This young monk turned to look at me when I took the picture.


“Shanghai in the mist. The weather was not so good that day. Since I had my drone with me, I launched it without any expectation. Sometimes you can have good surprises.


“Nanpu Bridge taken from a rooftop. This was taken at the end of the day and we can clearly see the sun’s rays breaking through the sky.


“The abandoned American Dream Park in Shanghai. My friends posed for me in tribute to The Walking Dead. I also wanted to play with perspective and lights, hence the symmetry and width.


“The torii gate of Hakone in Japan very early in the morning when the tourists had not yet arrived. It fully captures the mirror reflection of the lake and creates that panoramic view.


“A drone from the Suzhou Gate of the East. I took it at sunrise when the colors of the sun really complete the panorama.


“Taken during lockdown. There was hardly anyone in the streets. A great opportunity to take unique photos.


“Another take during lockdown, on the usually busy Waibaidu Bridge.”


“I took this photo at the Universal Exhibition Museum, where I have been several times. I particularly like this shot because the angle brings out the structure and perspective of the building.


“At the World’s Fair Museum.”


“A drone of Emerald Lake in Qinghai. I didn’t have much luck when I went there because the weather was not very good. However, I still managed to capture the beauty of these salt lakes .


“The Old Slaughterhouse, 1933. One of my favorite places to film.”


“An abandoned and ruined train located in Qingpu District.”


“Side view of Shanghai’s global financial center. I hadn’t flown much in Shanghai, as there are already so many great drone photos of the city. But since I got my Mavic 3, every time I go in town, I take it with me. This time I launched it from a parking lot near the old pier 老码头. The SWFC was right in front of me.


“Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Yangpu Bridge in the background.”


“Drone view of Ze Ya Dam, Zhejiang. Ze Ya is famous for its farm restaurants 农家乐. After lunch, I heard that there was a dam nearby, and I didn’t hesitate to go.


“Sanyang Wetland Park, Wenzhou. It’s a park in the suburb of Wenzhou full of cedars. November is the best time to take pictures there.


“Guardian of Jing’an Temple. Every time I go to my dentist, I pass through this crosswalk. And I notice that there is always a policeman dealing with traffic in the middle of the street. That day I took my wide angle and took this picture.


“Ai Chang Museum. My friend just bought this costume and the lightsaber. And we found this amazing place made for it.


“Ai Chang Museum. It is a newly opened museum, a bit far from the city center. That’s why there are not many people.


“Sunrise in Wenzhou. This is the view from my apartment in Wenzhou. When I was there, I got up every day at 6am to see if there was anything to shoot.


“Guo Mao Tower, Wenzhou. The great thing about a balcony is that you can launch your drone at any time. That’s what I did on a Sunday morning.


“Landing area, Wenzhou. The landing area is on a newly constructed viewing platform. Usually it’s crowded. That’s why I went there at 6 am to take this picture.

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