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1 Borrow broker

When people want to borrow money, they almost always have to borrow BKR. Borrowing without BKR is rather an exception. Yet many people are afraid of such a form of borrowing. The lender determines whether it is possible to take out a loan. Sometimes it is therefore possible to borrow with negative BKR. […]

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Lewis Carl

Guide to cheap mortgages: How to calculate monthly payments and maximum Lewis Carl? Calculating the maximum Lewis Carl and adjusting the monthly payment calculation to future plans, living, working and leisure You have probably noticed that when calculating your Lewis Carl maximum and corresponding monthly payments online, you can borrow enough. However, when calculating your monthly costs, always keep […]

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Change your current account or giro account.

If you wish to switch to another bank or because you want to split your old current account or giro account, there are a few things you should take into account….

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How safe to handle credit cards, bank cards?

Payment cards, â $ ¦ we use them almost every day. Of course there is a good chance that you will lose one of your cards or that you will become a victim of theft. We give a number of tips to prevent loss, theft and which institutions to contact, â $ ¦

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