5 tips to light up your home for Diwali


For a more understated magical atmosphere, Josmo Studio’s Anjali Mody is a string of “low power LED string lights that you can hide in your landscape and foliage”. “Threading them high in the trees, it did wonders for the ambiance I like to create for my guests,” she adds.

3. Mix different styles

For a stylish Diwali installation, consider using a combination of traditional and contemporary lighting. “If a room has a central light or a traditional chandelier, you can pair it with more contemporary accent lights on the wall or on the table, floor lamps, track lights or ceiling lights,” explain Sachin and Neha Gupta. Mody adds that this is a great opportunity to shop local. “I usually buy all of my Diwali decor from local stores. I find that there is a wide variety of crafts and talent that crop up during Diwali, ”she says. “My biggest purchases are terracotta diyas that I usually paint. I associate them with metal lanterns from Crate and Barrel or Ikea, perfect for diffused and complex lighting, ”she adds.

4. Choose lighting that will last for several seasons.

Invest in lighting that you can integrate into your regular decor or reuse for a party or the next holiday season. “A good quality bulky chandelier or a pendant that flatters your interiors will help you put on a real show and spruce up your room even when it’s off,” say the Guptas. Don’t hit the classic Diwali lighting either, says Mody. If stored with care, paper lanterns and LED string lights can be reused the following year, or even reused for a party or special occasion. “I’m a huge fan of reusing any decor I buy and these two have been really nice to me over the years,” she says.

Arrange the lights near the seats to create focal points. Photo courtesy of: Photographix India / A & K Design Studio

5. Experiment with light fixtures

If you’re looking to make a statement, the team at Beyond Designs suggest replacing a center chandelier with one or two in the corners around the seats for a luxurious yet homey look. “You can also use bulky and eye-catching floor lamps or table lamps. Likewise, instead of the typical chandelier, you can have a floor lamp that arched over the dining area for a dramatic effect, ”they add. Mody also recommends solar powered LED lanterns as an alternative to string lights.

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