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Loans are getting more expensive…. But interest rates are falling. Fixed interest rates are getting more expensive, but interest rates are falling…. What is actually happening? Most Belgians opt for the fixed interest rate, but is it wise? Wouldn't it be better to opt for a variable interest rate? Fixed interest rates are getting more and more expensive…. Mortgage loans have been since […]

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Loan interest

Loan interest reduction and the additional loan agreement If you have become the owner of your own home, this can generate a tax benefit because you can deduct the loan interest and certain expenses. You do have to include the quasi-owner-occupied home lump sum in your wages. You will find more information about this in this contribution. From you dispose of your property and […]

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Borrow money zero

Request a zero from a bank? It sounds absurd. Yet many people request a zero every year. In this article you can read when and for whom a zeroing is beneficial.

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1 Borrow money Borrow cheap money

Who does not want to borrow money cheaply. Unfortunately, cheap loans are often more complicated than it appears at first sight. That is why it remains very important to inform yourself well before you take out a cheap loan somewhere.

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