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In this article we try to give you an overview of the most common insurances such as: AVP, WA, WA hull, travel insurance and others .

We immediately start with the most expensive variants. They are also the most necessary insurances, namely health insurance. The basic insurance, which is compulsory for everyone in the Netherlands, costs 90 to 100 US dollars per month. But there are some additional insurance covering the costs of eg dental care, alternative medicine or additional maternity care. The cost of these supplements is 5 to 15 US dollars per month. These so-called "extra packages" differ per airline, so you can usually choose from different packages. You should of course know that there are additional insurance policies also have some limitations. For example, dental care is generally only insured to a certain extent and the costs are only reimbursed up to 75%. There used to be a different system. Consumers who stayed below a certain income threshold could count on much cheaper insurance. Individuals whose income exceeded a certain threshold had to pay more. But that system has not existed for a few years now.

This variant consists of two parts: home insurance and home contents insurance. If you have bought a house, it is wise to take out home insurance. This way you are insured against fire or other damage that can be caused to the house itself. The contents of the house are thus not insured, the non-movable parts thereof are insured. If you rent a home, the insurance is paid by the landlord of the home. Shutting it down can also be very helpful because if the house accidentally burns down, you will still have to keep paying off the Lewis Carl. Even if the house in question no longer exists. And if you have insurance, the damage will be covered. Being underinsured is just as dangerous as not having your home insured. The consumer must ensure that the insured amount is high enough. Otherwise you will only receive compensation for part of the damage incurred. For example, those who are insured for 20% less will also be paid 20% less.

Car, scooter, moped, bicycle

Mandatory insurance also exists for vehicles. Such as the liability insurance for cars, scooters and mopeds. In this way, the damage caused to a third party or his vehicle can be covered and compensated. In that case, the damage caused to you will not be paid to you. It is possible to have your own damage compensated by taking out a third party hull, which is also called all - in. You do pay a higher premium to have compensation for the damage you cause. A different arrangement applies to bicycles. Small claims are reimbursed through the AVP, the Liability Insurance for Individuals. Most people in the Netherlands have an AVP for which you do not have to pay too high costs.

Travel, legal assistance, pets: other insurances

And travel insurance is usually taken out to cover medical problems abroad or to reimburse for belongings that are stolen or lost. Sometimes it is not necessary at all, because good health insurance also covers these costs. Taking out legal expenses insurance can be very useful in contrast to travel insurance. Because the costs associated with legal aid are often much too high. More and more people also insure their animals. This is because the medical costs for cats or dogs can in some cases exceed US $ 2000 per year. Current insurance policies have a lot to offer. Movie stars or simply well-off people can now have parts of their bodies, their vocal cords or, for example, rare collections insured.

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