A captivating new book shares a collection of photographs and letters written during the Great Depression

Author Darla Hedrick Quinn shares a true story about love, separation, opportunity and defending a loved one in ‘Letters from Sadie’

SAN ANTONIO, TX., February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Letters from Sadie: Letters written by Sadie Claire (Marcum) Montgomery from Norton, KansasTuberculosis Sanatorium (1932-1933)” by Darla Hedrick Quinn is a gripping true story told through a collection of letters written in the depths of the Great Depression from 1932 to 1933. The book tells the story of Sadie, a wife and mother and shares feelings of faith, separation, fear, hope and love she felt while suffering from a debilitating illness. Memoirs chronicle some of the events of a woman’s life by demonstrating a love for family and describing advocacy opportunities for a sick or elderly family member in need of help. It also gives historical insight into the life of a poor farming family living in Southeast Kansas.

Quinn was her mother’s primary caregiver for eleven and a half years while her mother resided in assisted living facilities in Parsons, Kansasand San Antonio, TX. In 2020, a month after entering isolation due to COVID, her mother died. Following this, Quinn came across a collection of photographs and letters written by her grandmother to her mother’s family while she was at Norton State Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Norton, Kansas. Author Quinn put together this collection with a helpful guide for carers and created “Letters from Sadie”.

“Sadie’s Letters” received praise on Goodreads.

“This book is a tribute to her grandmother and her mother. Sadie’s letters were sent to the family in the 1930s while she was in a tuberculosis sanatorium. They are beautiful and heartwarming as well as sad. Her baby is the mother of little Mary-Darla. Sadie loved her husband and 5 children. Her letters describe concern for her family as well as her loneliness. She tried to stay positive and hopeful. Given the our Covid-19 situation, it’s all too relevant. Darla also adds at the end some helpful advice from her experiences over the past few years in choosing care for the elderly. It’s a beautiful testimony and a must read to lack.

“Sadie’s Letters” is a touching and relatable story about a woman’s fight against tuberculosis, her family and her faith. Readers will witness an important part of the story through the eyes of Quinn’s grandmother. Ultimately, the book pays tribute to Sadie’s life and sheds light on an infectious lung disease that has claimed the lives of many people over the centuries and remains one of the leading causes of death in the world today. the world.

“Letters from Sadie: letters written by Sadie Claire (Marcum) Montgomery from Norton, KansasTuberculosis Sanatorium (1932-1933)”
By Darla Hedrick Quinn
ISBN: 9781664246324 (softcover); ISBN: 9781664246331 (e-book)
Available from WestBow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Darla Hedrick Quinn earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburgh, Kansas and his executive degree of Masters in Business Administration from University of Washington St. Louis, Missouri. In 2008, she retired as an executive director and project manager at AT&T after thirty-one years. Quinn is an avid reader and photographer. She enjoys travelling, hiking and playing golf. Quinn currently resides with her husband, Francis, and their toy schnauzers, Turner and Hooch, in San Antonio, TX.

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