Ahmaud Arbery autopsy photos shown to jurors during murder trial

Autopsy photos of Ahmaud Arbery were shown to jurors on Tuesday during the murder trial of three white men who hunted down the black man before he was shot in their neighborhood last year.

Prosecutors called as a witness Dr Edmund Donoghue, who examined Arbery’s body on February 24, 2020 – the day after his assassination – at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation criminal laboratory on the Georgian coast.

“The cause of his death was multiple gunshot wounds,” Donoghue said at the start of questioning.

The photos showed gunshot wounds that left a gaping hole in the center of Arbery’s chest.

The testimony follows the judge’s refusal to declare the trial overturned over defense allegations that jurors were corrupted when Arbery’s mother cried over photos of evidence, calling attention to the presence of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, seated next to her in the Courtroom Public Gallery.

Dismissing a defense attorney’s complaints about the black pastors at trial as “objectionable,” Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley said no group would be excluded from his courtroom.

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael armed themselves and chased the 25-year-old in a van after spotting him running around their neighborhood on February 23, 2020. Their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan walked away. joined the lawsuit and took a video on his cell phone. Travis McMichael shot Arbery three times with a shotgun.

Their advocates say the men had the right to have a citizen arrested someone they suspected had robbed in the neighborhood, and that young McMichael fired the gun in self-defense after Arbery tried to take it from him.

They also say the presence of civil rights icons at trial will unfairly influence the jury, all of whom but one are white. Jackson admitted Monday that Arbery’s mother cried “very softly” in the courtroom after prosecutors showed a photo of her son to a witness.

“As the judge said, it was my constitutional right to be there,” Jackson later said outside the courthouse. “It’s my moral obligation to be there. “

Reverend Al Sharpton sat down last week with the victim’s parents, Wanda Cooper-Jones and Marcus Arbery Sr., in the Glynn County courtroom. He pledged to return to the courthouse and activists said 100 black pastors would join him.

Bryan and the McMichaels are charged with murder and other crimes. Prosecutors said they pursued Arbery for five minutes to prevent him from leaving the Satilla Shores subdivision outside the port city of Brunswick. The chase ended when Arbery, followed by Bryan’s truck, attempted to bypass the McMichaels’ truck as it idled on the road ahead. The video shows Travis McMichael confronting Arbery, then shooting him as he throws punches and clings to the gun.

The McMichaels told police they suspected Arbery of being a burglar after security cameras recorded him several times inside a house under construction, five houses away.

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