Applied Blockchain, Inc. Receives Regulatory Approval From State Of North Dakota For Electric Service Agreement


DALLAS, September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Applied Blockchain, Inc. (“Applied Blockchain” or the “Company”) (ROSE: APLD) today announced the North Dakota State The Civil Service Commission has approved the company’s Electrical Service Agreement (“ESA”) with its utility partner in support of its entry into the crypto hosting industry.

As previously announced, the Company has entered into a long-term SEA with a utility partner located in the upper Midwest to provide up to 100 megawatts of electricity. The agreement entered into force on August 4, 2021, subject to regulatory approval, which has now been received.

Wes cummins, CEO and President of Applied Blockchain, said, “Obtaining state regulatory approval was the next critical step in our business development efforts and follows the inauguration of our first hosting facility. barely two weeks ago. long-term, reliable source of energy that is now fully approved, and we are moving forward.

Cummins continued, “We announced our hosting business in July in conjunction with the closing of our Bitmain-led capital increase. We already have long-term hosting agreements for 115 Megawatts with industry leaders Bitmain and GMR. These contracts guarantee economic benefits for our investment in blockchain infrastructure. We have assembled a talented team of individuals and partners to bring our first 50 megawatts of capacity online before the end of the year and the next 50 megawatts in early 2022. “

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About applied blockchain

Applied Blockchain, Inc. (ROSE: APLD) provides high-performance crypto mining and infrastructure solutions to customers around the world. The Company has partnered with Bitmain, SparkPool and General Mining Research (GMR) to develop, deploy and scale its business. Applied Blockchain is also engaged in direct mining of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto assets. The Company is backed by some of the largest family offices and institutional investors in the United States.

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Investor Relations Contacts

Brett maas • Managing Partner, Hayden IR
[email protected] • (646) 536-7331

Wes cummins • CEO, Applied Blockchain
(214) 427-1704

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