Bangkok Post launches first NFT photographic collection

Bangkok Post launches first NFT photographic collection

Bangkok Post in collaboration with EAST NFT to launch Bangkok Post’s first historic NFT photographic collection

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are blockchain-enhanced tokens that display ownership of an asset where each token is different. In recent years, they have become all the rage among collectors and investors as they serve as valuable collectibles in the form of digital assets.

As the rightful owner of a myriad of high-value historical photos spanning 75 years, Bangkok Post is launching its own NFT collection in collaboration with EAST NFT, a Singapore-based NFT market service provider. The Post’s NFTs will target the growing segment of lovers of unique digital assets in art, music, sports, entertainment, memorabilia and collectibles. Potential segments also include cryptocurrency traders, challenge players, and metaverse dwellers.

Coinciding with the Bangkok Post’s 75th anniversary celebrations, this founding partnership offers valuable collections of historic images from Thai history.

“Bangkok Post is home to a rare photographic archive filled with countless historical visuals, many of which are award-winning works of art,” says Dr Ronnachit Mahattanapreut, Managing Director of Bangkok Post PCL. “The uniqueness of each item indicates its indispensable value. Meanwhile, our collaboration with EAST NFT marks a milestone for our growing digital services which is increasingly the primary focus of our brand.”

“EAST NFT is always on the lookout for unique content,” Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, co-founder and president of EAST NFT commented about the partnership. “Bangkok Post, as Thailand’s leading English-language medium, has a rich archive of 75 years of rich history. The depth and breadth of the newspaper’s coverage is unmatched and offers a unique glimpse into modern Thailand. “

Speaking as an expert on NFT, Mr. Chalermchai added, “In the view of major markets, NFTs are growing rapidly. They have gone from art to sports, music and popular entertainment properties.

“When it comes to Asia in general and Thailand in particular, the notoriety of NFT is supported by the overall growth of the industry and the rise of the crypto craze and the gaming industry.”

“As such, the market value of NFT here is expected to grow rapidly over the next two to three years. We will also see increasing competition as more platforms rush to secure content.”

“We think Thailand has amazing content that has yet to be discovered. Thai culture has great storytelling and engagement that is probably even better than the content already available.”

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