Bismarck Photographers Help Weed Customers Without Photographers


It was only a few days since the bride and groom learned they would not have a photographer after Glasser Images announced it was shutting down.

Local photographers are now trying to offer services so that their special day is not forgotten.

“The photography community has really come together,” said Bryan Hempstead, owner of Bryan Hempstead Media.

Hempstead is a photographer who adjusts his schedule to fill the niches abandoned by Glasser.

“Planning a wedding is super complicated and convoluted, and it’s really difficult. I can’t really imagine what these people are going through; that’s why I wanted to help, ”Hempstead said.

Hempstead said he was trying to help customers who paid for Glasser in full by offering 25% off wedding packages and 15% for anyone who partially paid.

“So far, around ten people have contacted me. I guess it will be a lot more, ”Hempstead said.

Al Schirado is another photographer who felt obligated to help.

“My heart is very heavy to see people being used and all of their money being taken this way without any regard,” said creative New Age photographer Al Schirado.

Schirado said he has booked five couples who have contacted him for help and that he offers services at a reasonable price.

“We will listen to your situation and we will adapt in any way we can,” he said.

Hempstead said he was engaged himself and knew what a wedding could look like without a photographer.

“Not having a photographer on the most important day of your life is obviously a huge disappointment,” he said.

Hempstead said his schedule was full, but was doing his best to make availability.

“I have spare time during the slower months like December, January, November, a bit in this stage and then for later this year,” he said.

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