Boeing 777X PHOTOS: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this aircraft takes the aviation industry by storm

Fully advanced Boeing 777X aircraft | Photo credit: Boeing


  • Boeing’s latest 777X passenger plane is all state of the art.
  • It promises better fuel efficiency and operating savings for airlines.
  • The aircraft has a larger cabin, advanced lighting, comfortable seats for a better in-flight experience.

There are some reasons why aviation giant Emirates, known for its luxurious flight experiences, has ordered around 115 Boeing 777Xs. Even Qatar Airways and Etihad have placed a good deal of the orders. The reasons are quite exciting. This latest innovation from Boeing, which is still in the testing phase and has pissed off buyers with its costly delays, used cutting-edge technologies to lower operating costs, improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and make the soothing, safe and enjoyable passenger experience flight.

The Boeing 777X aircraft promises higher revenues for airlines, better operating economies and a whole new experience for passengers thanks to its innovative construction. Let’s take a look at the plane and the technology it used, as well as its stunning photos.

Pictures of the Boeing 777X
Boeing 777X at the Dubai Air Show on November 14, 2021 | Photo credit: AP

This aircraft uses exclusive GE technologies to reduce specific fuel consumption by 5%, maintain noise levels at 15dB (within phase 4 range), maintain emissions at 29% and deliver world-class reliability .

In-flight photos of the Boeing 777X
Photo credit: Boeing

Passengers would no longer be without internet in flight. The 777X ensures that passengers, cabin crew, flight attendants and operations stay connected at the same time.

Images of the Boeing 777X
Photo credit: Boeing

One of the most interesting features of the Boeing 777X is its fully tactile cockpit. It will be hell for pilots to fly this futuristic twin-engine, long-haul beast through the air.

Boeing 777X wings
Photo credit: Boeing

The Boeing 777X features proven composite wings with an 11-inch wingspan on each wing for superior aerodynamics and improved fuel efficiency. It comes with folding wing tips which make the taxiway and the aircraft door compatible.

Boeing 777X in economy class
Photo credit: Boeing

The Boeing 777X offers an unparalleled flight experience, even in economy class. It comes with an aesthetic and ergonomic interior, larger overhead compartments, advanced LED lighting throughout the cabin and enhanced comfort seats. Not to mention that the cabin of the 777X is 4 inches wider than that of other planes and has portholes 29% wider.

Boeing 777X business class
Photo credit: Boeing

The cabin also benefits from better humidity, cleaner air, reduced cabin noise and better temperature control for optimal comfort. To make your flying experience less tiring, it uses smooth ride technology.

Boeing 777X premium class
Photo credit: Boeing

We believe it could be the premium economy cabin of the Boeing 777X. Not only does it look spacious and futuristic, but the ergonomic seats provide impeccable comfort and privacy.

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