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Created: May 13, 2022 07:52

The Bermuda Institute of Underwater Exploration will host an exhibition highlighting Bermuda-based photography and research (Image provided)

A new exhibition at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute will show how the local environment has inspired photographers, researchers and artists.

Discovery windows will open Saturday in the Ocean Discovery Centre.

A BUEI spokeswoman said: “Bermuda’s position in the middle of the Atlantic, as well as its place in the Gulf Stream and the Sargasso Sea, has made it an important research station for those who study the ocean. .

Discovery windows explores the island through the eyes of photographers, researchers and artists who have been inspired by the incredible environment of our island.

“From discussing the natural assets that make Bermuda the perfect marine hub, to diving into two National Geographic expeditions that put it on the world stage, the exhibit shines a light on Bermuda’s history and its continued potential as a center for environmental exploration through photography, video and hands-on engagement.

The spokeswoman added that visitors will be able to learn about Project Beebe from 1984, when images of live deep-sea sharks were first captured, and the National Geographic Sargasso Sea Expedition in 2010, which looked at sea creatures commonly found in the area. .

She said: “The exhibit also describes some of the different techniques used to capture and document the results and how these techniques and technologies have evolved over time.

“Interactive activities throughout the Discovery windows allow visitors, young and old, to become researchers and artists themselves and to learn more about what is hidden under the surface of the waters that surround our island.

“Museum visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive games throughout the exhibit and participate in a hands-on drawing experience where they can use some of the same methods artists who worked in Bermuda captured life. underwater. ”

Dive into the BUEI mission

Residents were invited to participate in a lecture on the work of the Bermuda Institute of Underwater Exploration.

Wednesday’s event is part of preparations for BUEI’s 25th anniversary in July.

A spokeswoman said the organization’s vision of ensuring ‘the ocean around Bermuda is widely understood, valued and protected’ was as relevant today as it was a quarter ago century.

She added, “We seek community input to ensure that the many ways we support this vision are communicated in a meaningful way to the general public.

“We invite those interested to join us on Wednesday, May 18 as we delve deeper into BUEI’s mission.

“All those aged 14 and over are encouraged to participate, whether or not they have had any involvement with BUEI in the past.”

The spokeswoman said the discussion will take a “world cafe” approach, so everyone who attends can be heard.

Refreshments will be served.

Karla Lacey, Managing Director of BUEI. said, “This is a unique opportunity for community members of all ages to share their individual experiences and perspectives on the ocean surrounding our home island and on BUEI.

“Through this conversation, we seek to better understand how people connect to both BUEI’s vision and mission.”

To register, go to www.BUEI.bm before Monday, May 16.

Karla Lacey, BUEI’s Chief Executive, said, “In this 25th anniversary year of BUEI, we are thrilled to continue the organization’s rich legacy of encouraging current and future generations in the field of ocean studies and raising awareness. the community with valuable contributions. the island and people of Bermuda have contributed to ocean science globally.

“This collaborative effort produced a carefully presented experience at BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Center, one that inspired everyone involved throughout the process.

“We are thrilled to share this new exhibit with the public.”

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