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Get ready – Chris Hemsworth has shared adorable photos of his 10-year-old daughter, India, on the set of Thor and that’s cuteness overload. The first slide shows him in costume standing next to baby India, who looks at him softly. The following was taken over a decade later and features the two cuddling up for the camera while filming the recently released film Thor: Love and Thunder.

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“He’s my favorite superhero,” Hemsworth captioned the photos.

India makes an exciting appearance in the latest Thor installment as the character Love (we won’t give away any spoilers but it’s worth checking out his big screen splash). How did Hemsworth feel about having his daughter as a castmate? “It was like when I’m at home trying to tell her to do anything, she’s like, ‘Pfft, no, I’m going to do it my way.’ And power for her, good for her, because she did an amazing job,” the action star said. in an interview published last weekend.

Christian Bale, who shared the screen with India, added that the pre-teen had done a “tremendous job” and applauded Hemsworth’s role as a stage dad. “Chris was a wonderfully attentive dad, just off camera the whole time, just checking in on her, giving me the thumbs up, me giving it to her, checking in. It was really endearing to see them both. He kind of left her alone, and she did it herself.

Hemsworth was particularly helpful when India worked opposite Bale, who wore scary prosthetics in his own right. During an interview with Weekly entertainmentBale offered his compliments to the proud dad firsthand.

“It was…so cute to see your relationship, and she had to be like, ‘Who is this weird bald guy who’s scarred and crying about this? [me]?’ [I saw] what a good father you are, gently coaxing him through it, like, ‘No, just stay there. I know it’s a little gross, but stay there.

We love that the Hemsworth Clan is one big, happy family of superheroes! Hoping so many more Indian cameos to come.

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