Disney Studios basketball photo score “Chankan Dunk” leads Bloomly-Deadline


Exclusive: Bloomley landed the lead role in Disney Features of studio high school basketball Chankandunk, Directed and written by Jingyi Shao.

of Chankandunk, At the age of 16, a constantly marginalized and unpopular high school student who wants to become a basketball player, Chan is obsessed with learning from dunks to get the most out of the basketball star of the Matt school, and hopefully wins. Very cute worship of Christie.

Rishi Rajani, Brad Weston and Negin Salmashi will make a film for Disney +.

Lee is the youngest of three children born to Chinese parents who immigrated to New York. He grew up in neighboring New Jersey. He played basketball with a young man in high school. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and studied at Stuart Rogers Studios. Li played a recurring role on Awesomeness TV My dead ex And the appearance of CBS ‘ TO CRUSH And Hulu In the dark.. Numerous shorts featuring Bloom have screened at the Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival, the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, and South by Southwest.

Li is in charge of Smith & Hervey / Grimes Talent Agency & Luber / Roklin Entertainment.

Disney Studios basketball photo score “Chankan Dunk” leads Bloomly-Deadline

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