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Hill House Home continues the momentum of its best-selling nap dresses with the launch of its first comprehensive clothing collection.

The five-year-old brand, which has seen explosive growth during the pandemic for its Nap Dress offerings, is launching its Mermaid Drop collection on June 16 which includes new Nap Dress styles and prints as well as new styles of clothing and accessories in outside of her traditional Nap Robe.

“We’ve seen our customers’ appetite for more across all categories, so we’re excited to take apparel one step further,” said Nell Diamond, Founder and CEO of Hill House Home. “We’ve barely scratched the surface in the dresses. There is so much that we want to show people and put that Hill House Home touch. “

The Mermaid Drop collection is the brand’s largest clothing collection to date and is meant to be a celebration of summer with vibrant colors and graphic prints inspired by flowers and mermaids. Diamond and the Hill House Home team began work on the collection in October in hopes this summer would see some return to normal.

“It’s funny how quickly things changed, but we really didn’t know when the vaccine would be available or if we were all going to work from home. [this summer]”said Diamant.” We all sat down together and decided to be optimistic and hope for a summer where we can really party and see our friends. It also represented a real opportunity for us to push our aesthetic. and our assortment.

The process of ideation of the new collection began with the prints, namely the “space floral” motif in emerald and powder blue and the white and pink “mermaid” print which represents images of mermaids, seashells. , stars and other patterns.

The Hill House Home Paz top and skirt.
Courtesy of Hill House Home

Both prints are available in existing Nap Dress styles, including Ellie, Caroline, Katherine, Athena and Sabrina dresses. The collection also offers existing nap dresses in a red cotton style, white paisley print, black polka dots and navy.

The Mermaid Drop is also expanding the brand’s Nap Dress category with new styles. There is the Akilah Nap dress, which is a collar and smocked body style similar to the Ellie dress, the Roxie dress, a tube dress with strings that Diamond described as “the tabloid vibe of the early 2000s.” , and the Lucy dress, which is a maxi version of the Roxie. The collection also features more Tiny Ellie options, which are the brand’s nap dresses in children’s sizes.

“As far as the aesthetics of the things we create and the shapes go, we really felt like we were leaving the meadow and the core of the cottages and going to the club,” Diamond said of how this collection is unique to others. of the brand. “We go to the club with our girlfriends, we dance on tables and we have fun and at the same time we will be comfortable.”

Apart from the Nap dresses, the brand offers their Paz set, which is a top and skirt set similar to the Ellie Nap dress, available in navy blue, white, mermaid and space floral prints. The collection also includes the Amal skirt, a long broderie anglaise skirt, the Lou Lou Duster, a loose lace coat and the Desk Sweater, a pink ruffled cardigan, among other styles.

“I was really hoping we would be able to get into apparel,” Diamond said of the expansion of the category. “When we first launched the Nap Dress, a big part of me hoped it would fall. I really hoped people would respond to it, but I also understood that it might not be. think this has really been the key to Hill House Home all the time that we don’t do things our guests don’t respond to.

Hill House Home Mermaid Drop: Exclusive Details, Photos, Nap Dresses

Roxie and Lucy nap dresses from Hill House Home.
Courtesy of Hill House Home

Hill House Home was one of the few brands to have seen significant growth amid the pandemic, thanks in large part to its Nap Dress category. In 2020, the brand saw 275% year-over-year revenue growth, with the Nap Dress category surging 1,120%. Diamond said that growth continued into 2021, with a 350% year-over-year increase. The brand predicts that it will exceed 300% by the end of the year.

This growth has enabled the brand to expand its clothing offering and to enter other categories. The Mermaid Drop also offers accessories such as a mermaid print beach bag, two cat eye sunglasses, hair clips and Nap Dress themed products, among other items.

Throughout the past year, the popularity of the brand’s nap dresses has spread to its other categories, including bath, bedding and table linens. The Mermaid Drop will include these categories with the mermaid print available in bedding, bathrobes, beach towels, cocktail towels, and tablecloths.

“What we’re seeing in the data is that the Nap Dress is the top of the funnel moment,” Diamond said. “This is how people meet us and hear about us. Once they own the product and live with the product, they end up coming back to us when they have a need in one of the other categories. In a world without nap dresses, we would still be very excited about all of these other categories.

The Mermaid Drop will be available from June 16 at 12 p.m. EST on the Hill House Home website and is priced from $ 35 to $ 175.


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