FPC hosts the black tie ceremony for the Fresh Awards on July 8 in London

The Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) invites anyone involved in the fruit and vegetable, cut flower and plant trade across the UK to submit nominations for the annual FPC Fresh Awards.

The FPC will hold its first reception to honor the best producers, service providers, marketers and “distinguished personnel” of all fresh produce at a black tie ceremony on July 8 at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London. FPC encourages interested individuals to submit multiple entries in the 16 different categories. Being recognized by your peers for prestigious awards is among the highest accolades in the industry. The deadline is June 2, and there will also be a supplier showcase for overseas suppliers to present their innovations to UK buyers during the evening ceremony.

“FPC Fresh Awards 2022 is an unprecedented opportunity to really stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive UK market,” said Nigel Jenney, Managing Director of FPC. “Any international individual or company with business ties to the UK could stand a chance of winning one of our highly sought-after accolades.”

This year’s awards will focus on internationalizing the fresh produce trade, and FPC hopes to see more global representation in its categories across supply chain, retail and other businesses. There are four new awards for 2022: International Grower Of The Year, UK Grower Of The Year, Team Of The Year and HR Initiative Of The Year

“The UK market is becoming increasingly global and FPC would like to thank the hard workers and pioneers who are the driving force behind this incredible trade,” said Jenney. “This year, we’re taking a very wide look as we seek to celebrate the incredible people, outstanding achievements and outstanding best practices of all the businesses that market fresh produce, cut flowers and plants in the UK. United,” Jenney said. “This includes traditional and non-traditional businesses located both in the UK and overseas.”

Participants must be in the UK market (fresh produce, cut flowers and plants) – a wide network, as Jenney puts it, which includes “overseas growers, local growers, global exporters, domestic importers, packers and packaging suppliers, local ports and international shipping or logistics”. food service suppliers, wholesalers and distributors across the UK, scientific laboratories and chemical manufacturers worldwide, as well as domestic and overseas distributors.

A number of individual and professional award categories are open to participants from the UK and around the world:

Individual awards

  • Rising Star of the Year
  • Manager of the year
  • Life Achievement Award

Corporate Awards

  • Best place to work
  • Excellence in sustainability
  • Agritech & Innovation Excellence
  • Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Supplier of the Year
  • Wholesale Flower/Plant Supplier of the Year
  • Supermarket Fruit and Vegetable Supplier of the Year
  • Fresh Produce Consortium Supermarket Flower and Plant Supplier of the Year
  • Foodservice Provider of the Year
  • Business Services Partner
  • Best Marketing Campaign

Retailer Awards

Industry representatives, as well as consumers, can also show their support for their favorite retailer operating in the UK by voting in the following categories:

  • Several fruit and vegetable retailers of the year
  • Multiple Floral Retailers of the Year
  • Convenience Retailer of the Year
  • Online Retailer of the Year

The event is sponsored by IFCO, Total Produce, Freeths, Westfalia UK, Aptean, PML. IPP, ICL UK, New Spitalfields Market and ASDA (IPL).

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