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Harmonized Native Token ($ HMZ) hosted on PinkSale.

The Harmonized The app team is happy to announce the release of a decentralized ecosystem of well-packaged decentralized apps and financial services on their website.

The team is building on the successful presale of its Harmonized Native Token (HMZ) which was hosted on PinkSale and the public launch of the native token on PancakeSwap on November 15 and 16 respectively.

The successful presale and launch saw the initial token market of around $ 600,000 grow to around $ 9 million in an hour. Less than 24 hours later, it was listed on CoinGecko.

Product evaluation of the harmonized application

The harmonized application ecosystem contains several decentralized financial applications and functionalities, such as cryptocurrency interest / yield optimizer, decentralized exchange aggregator (DEX), native token, creator / service of ‘Project yield farm hosting and staking portal.

According to the team, the Harmonized DEX Aggregator is cheaper than most and offers full coverage of notable decentralized exchanges, unlike its competitors which often lack other cash pools and DEX.
The harmonized app solves some of the major challenges in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry by supporting major DEXs such as ApeSwap, PancakeSwap LPs, WagyuSwap, BakerySwap, and other certified Binance Smart Chain players.

Another important feature is the yield optimizer which allows users to gain the best interest on all protocols. The Harmonized team plans to “incorporate a cross-protocol performance optimizer where users can simply connect their MetaMask (and other) portfolios to the Harmonized web application to instantly discover the highest annual percentage rate (APR) in depending on the tokens they currently hold. their wallets.

The team is working tirelessly to position the Harmonized App as the leading decentralized exchange aggregator and yield optimizer on the Binance smart chain with plans in place to work on multiple chains such as Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom and a host. other layers- Networks based on blockchain 1 and Layer-2.

Milestones achieved

Within 48 hours of launch, the Harmonized team has achieved significant milestones. For example, his Telegram group grew to 16,000 active members, instantly filling the project’s presale. It also hit the set cap of $ 330,000 or 580 BNB seconds after the presale.

Just hours after launching on PancakeSwap, the token popped up on several cryptocurrency forums and then was listed on CoinGecko.

Even more, about a quarter of the funds raised (about $ 250,000 or 435 BNB) were reinjected into the cash pool as a mitigation measure against price fluctuation.

The team also enabled their token to be staked shortly after launch to allow token holders to earn passive income by locking their $ HMZ token.

Partnership with OnBlock

The Harmonized team is also excited to announce their partnership with OnBlock, a marketing firm that has already managed several large cryptocurrency projects to oversee certain marketing areas such as influencer engagement, advertising, future AMAs and celebrity recommendations.

Yield agriculture

Soon the yield optimizer will be published on the harmonized app’s staking / farming portal to allow users to find the hottest farms and pools with the highest APYs, all of which are automatically dialed by the harmonized technology. .

The team has also established numerous contracts, partnerships and collaborations which will be announced shortly.
Among other things, the Harmonized Team plans to hire some of the top influencers, marketers, and activists in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to help them promote the Harmonized App and its other projects. This is in addition to its promise to create articles on several notable media platforms such as Medium and Yahoo Finance every week.

Participants can also expect a rewarding experience with the various affiliate contests, competitions, prizes and contests that the team will be offering to “promote increased engagement and build a stronger online community”.

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