How This Photographer Shoots Glowing Halos Above Britain’s Landmarks

A photographer with a passion for long exposures has shared a glimpse of how he creates UFO-style glowing halos in his landscape images. Her posts featuring her work have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on video-sharing site TikTok.

UK-based photographer and filmmaker Will Ferguson has been a fan of light painting since he started taking photos at the age of 17. Beginning his journey with long exposure footage of cars on highways, he then combined his photography skills with his drone. flight experience. He discovered a company that makes a mechanism for attaching small LED lights to drones, and the rest is history.

And the hard work is paying off, with some of Ferguson’s behind-the-scenes videos showing how he made his footage reaching viewing figures over the two million mark. “The response to my behind-the-scenes TikTok video has been crazy,” he said. “I’ve always loved sharing my work online, but I’ve never experienced such a boom in engagement with a video before. 48 hours.

Following this, Ferguson was approached by brands about potential collaborations.

St Michael’s Tower, a listed building atop the hill of Glastonbury Tor, features in his most viewed video, a subject he says he chose because he prefers tall structures and because of the “strange way” in which the tower lights up when illuminated by the drone.

Mastering such a shot is being able to balance the brightness of the drone’s LED lights and that of the stars in the sky. The wrong exposure can cause you to lose the latter while trying to compensate for the former. The variables, Ferguson explains, are the size and speed of the drone’s halo, which should align with the shutter speed. In this case, it would be 30 seconds. He explains:

When the drone passes behind the Glastonbury Tor, I begin to take the image. I then make sure the drone’s speed matches my camera’s exposure time to stop taking the image when the drone comes back behind The Tor, making a full circle.

So, now that he has plenty of budding photographers following his every move, what advice would he give to those looking to shoot similar images?

Shoot passion projects. Shoot as much content as you can and take footage you can’t get enough of. That way, you’ll always take great pictures and always want to innovate and improve.

As for his next steps, Ferguson says he plans to continue filming drone halos and light painting footage. You can follow his work on his website, Instagram and TikTok.

All images used with permission from Will Ferguson.

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