SAN FRANCISCO, January 7, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The Internet of Everything CorporationThe Eden platform will host MetaVerses. IoE Corp Expands Decentralized Hosting Technology to MetaVerse Domain.

MetaVerse hosting

You can think of the MetaVerse as massive immersive virtual and augmented worlds (SnowCrash, Ready player One, Futurama Internet). That you’ll walk in and experience through gear that we’ve only seen in early versions, like Oculus and Google Glass. Nintendo has created a fun local augmented reality experience on its 3DS. But with the exception of these early versions, we cannot experience MetaVerses yet. MMORPGs and other virtual worlds offer content possibilities but are not immersive.

Now think of MetaVerse as enhancements to experiences, suppose a museum has a private MetaVerse AR connected to its exhibits so that you can via your phone see the exhibits come to life. Walking the halls of a museum immersed in the MetaVerse will be a new experience that can be built right now.

Tools like Reality Composer can be used to produce immersive AR content, and the visualization tool can be as simple as Google Cardboard and a cell phone. But the immense AR and bringing exhibits to life is extremely intense in machine power and yet it needs instant responsiveness, as a slow MetaVerse experience isn’t going to cut it off. So the idea of ​​hosting the MetaVerse on the web in the cloud doesn’t make sense, we don’t want to get a 404 or -Buffering- message because we’re immersed in the MetaVerse.

Private MetaVerses hosting must be local, it must be extremely local, it must be integrated into the space where it must “live”. The Eden MetaVerse IoE version provides just that, using open source hardware using the power grid as a medium, a Private MetaVerse can be hosted simply, securely and efficiently, on Eden, where it will be used, solving all the issues associated with remote hosting on the web, or even centralized in the building.

By distributing and balancing IT load and power consumption across decentralized self-healing devices, stability and cost efficiency can be guaranteed. The IoE Eden hosting platform is uniquely suited for the future of hosting the MetaVerse, whether in an immersive AR form or a full VR virtual world Eden is ready. Learn more about Eden.

For more information, come visit us at the Venetian, booth 60940, or make an appointment at CES 2022 or online.

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Internet of Everything Corp. develops and manages an Internet-based end-to-end decentralized service platform consisting of an infrastructure layer, a service layer and a service management system. IoECorp was born from the merger of Quisnet Inc. a Salt lake cityentity based on bringing new technologies to market and Quantum1Net, a European startup from Silicon Valley, dedicated to the development of the Internet of Everything service infrastructure.

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