K-pop group Seventeen Drops unveil concept photos ahead of new Face the Sun album, announce world tour

K-pop scene-breakers Seventeen have released a 5-part concept photo series for their 4th studio album Face the Sun. Beginning with “Ep.1 Control,” the K-pop supergroup unveiled a series of thrilling photos that place the group amidst an overwhelming presence of “shadows” that represent their fears. ‘Ep. 2 Shadow’ depicted each of the 13 members locked in isolation by these shadows from within.

‘Ep. 3 Ray’ depicted the 13-piece act burning their shadows to ashes, followed by ‘Ep. 4 Path” where they begin a journey to “Face the Sun” and continue the path of the Sun. The latest set of concept photos, ‘Ep. 5 Pioneer,” revealed a charismatic image of the members as bikers, hinting at the valor with which they will lead the way forward.

Scheduled to arrive on May 27, Face the Sun has already racked up over 1.74 million pre-order sales in its first week, hitting a record high for the group. As the anticipation peaks, SEVENTEEN teased during their recent appearance on a Korean TV show that a track titled “HOT” will be leading the new album. The full tracklist will be released on May 17.

The group announced their “BE THE SUN” world tour on their official social media. While revealing the North American tour dates, the announcement hinted at other shows to be added to the roster, including cities in Asia and a Japan Dome tour from November to December.

SEVENTEEN will begin the tour on June 25 with two consecutive dates in Seoul, followed by shows in 12 North American cities: Vancouver on August 10, Seattle on 12, Oakland on 14, Los Angeles on 17, Houston on 20, Fort Worth on 23 , Chicago on September 25, Washington, DC on September 28, Atlanta on September 30, Belmont Park on September 1, Toronto on September 3 and Newark on September 6.

Seventeen includes S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, WOOZI, THE 8, MINGYU, DK, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON, and DINO. The band rocketed to the forefront of the music scene, fueled by a fiercely independent spirit and an unparalleled in-house creative ecosystem. The group’s innovative structure is based on the interaction of three units: hip-hop, voice and performance. True to the title of “K-pop Stage-breakers,” SEVENTEEN unassumingly made history and became one of the greatest groups of all time due to their world-class timing, jaw-dropping choreography the breath and his tight teamwork.

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