Kenneth Cole Moves Ecommerce Site to Nogin’s Hosted Cloud Platform


Jan-Christopher Nugent, CEO of Nogin, believes his company’s commerce-as-a-service platform, just adopted by Kenneth Cole, will change the landscape of e-commerce. Photo: Nogin

Kenneth cole moved its online store to Noginthe. Commerce as a Service (CaaS) platform. This move allows the brand to deliver the best possible e-commerce experience to its customers, increase sales, profits, and perform real-time research and development upgrades.

Kenneth Cole will use Nogin’s cloud services and experts overlaid on the intelligent commerce platform, which will allow the company to scale with demand and gain benefits such as cost of shipping and sales. reduced or free execution and higher conversion rates.

Nogin supplies CaaS to leading brands in the fashion, consumer goods, beauty, health and wellness industries. The Company’s Intelligent Commerce product is a full-stack e-commerce platform that includes research and development, sales optimization, and machine learning. Nogin has provided CaaS for other major brands including Honeywell, Hurley, baby, Lululemon, True religion and Yeezy.

“As Amazon Web services have been revolutionary for on-demand cloud hosting, the Nogin platform is a game-changer in e-commerce, ”said Jan-Christopher Nugent, CEO of Nogin.

Kenneth Cole has already used innovative techniques to increase his digital commerce sales. In May 2021, the company collaborated with the social game developer Zynga to launch his Kenneth Cole Pride 2021 collection in a mobile game called “High Heels!” The limited-time collaboration, which took place during the first two weeks of June, allowed players to dress a character with products from the collection and play the mobile game.

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