KKL-JNF releases photos of Jerusalem during British Mandate


The Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund on Sunday released photos offering a glimpse into life in Jerusalem during the early years of the British Mandate in honor of Jerusalem Day on Monday.
The photos include important buildings and monuments in the city, and construction projects at the time developed by Jewish immigrants.

A convention at Har Hatzofim in 1920, credit: Photo Levy

The campaign was carried out with the aim of connecting Jewish communities around the world to the city of Jerusalem.

“As Jerusalem Day approaches, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund, through a global remote tree planting campaign, set out to connect Jewish communities around the world with the wonder that is the city of Jerusalem, marking 54 years since it reunified, ”said Ronnie Vinnikov, director of development (CDO) of KKL-JNF.

“These remarkable photos offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of Jewish communities in Jerusalem during this time – which were the cornerstone of new Jewish communities to come,” he added.

Jerusalem in 1920, Photo credit: KKL
“Throughout its 120 years of existence, the KKL-JNF has captured the panoramas of Israel – the people, villages, ceremonies, etc., with the jewel in the crown being Jerusalem. It was of the utmost importance for the KKL-JNF to perpetuate the Zionist communities. those years, which were the very foundation and an inseparable part of the future State of Israel, ”said Efrat Sinai, head of the KKL-JNF photo archive.

The photos can be found in the KKL-JNF photo archive: https://www.kkl-jnf.org/about-kkl-jnf/kkl-jnf-photo-archive/

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