LinkData presents high-end IT services, enabling dozens of brands to become competitive players in the market

LinkData is a UK based company specializing in IT support, security, data center solutions, web hosting and a wide range of other digital services.

As digital transformation trends spread like wildfire, thousands of established entrepreneurs, SMEs and mature businesses strive to optimize their websites. New start-ups and businesses of all sizes are still following the beaten track.

A new business in any market is racing not only against its competitors but also against time; new technologies, techniques and approaches lead to new customers. According to Genpact, “All businesses are becoming technology companies. Some just haven’t figured this out yet or are moving dangerously slow in their transformation. “

Data Link is a UK-based company specializing in helping clients grow their online business at the speed of light. The brand uses the latest web and cloud-based hosting technologies, offers various domain services, and showcases workable networking and infrastructure solutions.

Domain orders, renewals and transfers along with several web hosting, Dedicated Servers, and VPS packages are some of the most notable benefits of using DataLink’s services.

In addition to providing individual services in the above-mentioned departments, LinkData offers fast and convenient website building packages, allowing its customers to build an online store at very affordable prices.

LinkData packages include Basic, Premium, Premium Plus and Ultimate; plans differ in processing power, supported websites, online storage capacity, bandwidth, and level of protection.

The combination of individual services and pre-defined plans makes LinkData services suitable for brands of all sizes, whether new or established in the industry, creating a robust online work tool or refining an existing fully functional one.

LinkData is an affiliate of Silver Star Holding Corporation and was launched as an IT infrastructure and data center solution:

“We welcome businesses of all sizes, from small and medium to large businesses. We cover all sectors of the industry with extensive experience and expertise. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to assist you in a variety of situations, from minor PC support issues to the design, installation and maintenance of complex integrated systems.

Data Link has worked with many leading customers and is a partner of RedHat, Dell EMC, HP, Cisco, Kaspersky, Microsoft, VMWare, Fortinet and countless other consumer brands in the IT field.

The solutions offered by LinkData are invaluable to emerging businesses in the age of working from home, especially companies that offer digital services and digital products. The company has served many satisfied customers for over a decade. It continues to prove its leadership position in the Web hosting, site building and data center based service providers.

Through transparent practices and unmatched quality of work, LinkData strives to refine its products and global impact, enabling countless tech companies to become and stay competitive in today’s market landscape. More information about LinkData is available on the company website official site.

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