MetaCell Launches Innovative Cloud Hosting for Life Sciences and Healthcare


MetaCell specializes in the design of custom software services for the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare sector and for academic researchers. In doing so, MetaCell helps its clients overcome difficult information management challenges that they have found difficult to manage with their IT departments and with large service providers like Amazon and Google. MetaCell Cloud Hosting provides scientists, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes with a turnkey online product to host and process their life science data and applications.

A unique feature provided by MetaCell Cloud Hosting is its tailor-made capability for biomedical and life science data and software applications that deliver optimal allocation of cloud resources based on budget and researchers’ performance goals. This includes affordable storage on trusted servers and access to world-class computing resources, which can be efficiently scaled to meet the growing need for big data analytics, bioinformatics, digital health and more. artificial intelligence. Enabling hosted applications to comply with all major international regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 and relevant ISO standards is another important added value that MetaCell brings to the market with the release of this new product.

Stephen larson, CEO of MetaCell, said, “We are delighted to officially launch our MetaCell cloud hosting product. From advanced custom software applications to one-page websites showcasing their work, cloud hosting will help researchers avoid the headaches associated with the ongoing management of their online software and data holdings.

Dr. Rick gerkin, associate research professor at Arizona State University (ASU), commented: “In addition to allowing us to host our applications and research data in a secure cloud infrastructure, MetaCell Cloud Hosting will save us valuable time that we will no longer spend trying to resolve technical issues, but rather devote it to what matters most to us: advancing our research. We have been working in partnership with MetaCell for several years and they have demonstrated their expertise in the development and maintenance of our software and cloud databases. We can’t wait to enjoy their new product.

About MetaCell

MetaCell is a life science-focused software company comprised of scientists and software engineers with deep expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science and online level software development. business. Over the past decade, MetaCell has established a global presence by partnering with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Biogen, leading universities such as Yale University, Princeton University, UCSD, UCL, ASU, SUNY Downstate and University of Edinburgh, as well as innovative organizations such as CAMH, INCF and EMBL-EBI.

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