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Update released March 14

Columbia River Fire & Rescue Public Information Representative Jennifer Motherway told The Chronicle that the Saturday morning March 12 commercial building fire on Port Avenue is still under investigation and that As of March 14, the cause of the fire was not known.

The entire 300 building sustained heavy damage, so more details have yet to be determined,” Motherway said. “The owner is working with his insurance company to determine the estimated amount of damage.”

According to Motherway, the firefighter who was injured at the scene of the blaze is a Columbia River Fire & Rescue employee who is now at home recovering from his injuries.

“We would like to ensure that individual confidentiality at this stage, so we are not sharing further details,” she said.

Previous cover published March 12

What is described as “a large commercial fire” broke out in a building on the 700 block of Port Avenue in St. Helens late Saturday morning March 12.

This very high photo shows the large column of gray smoke rising above the fire.


Firefighters intervened to contain the flames.

fire scene

A firefighter keeps a close eye on the crews battling the blaze.


Firefighters are carefully positioning themselves to attack the flames.

fire battle

A firefighter stationed at the top of an elongated ladder sprays water on the fire from above.


Several areas of the building suffered extensive fire damage.


Damage following the fire.

Columbia River Fire & Rescue (CRFR) and Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District (SRFPD) crews responded to the blaze shortly after noon.

A CRFR firefighter was transported to a Portland-area hospital with injuries sustained at the scene, investigators say. The CRFR reports that the firefighter is in stable condition.

Port Avenue was closed for several hours as firefighters continued to extinguish the scene at the scene of the blaze.

No word yet on the cause of the fire or the estimated amount of damage.

Follow developments here and in the Wednesday print edition of The Chronicle.

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