OnePlus launches the Clipt app to share text, photos and files between devices


Major smartphone Oneplus launched a app for safe and secure transfer of text, photos and files between devices. Called on Clipt, the application was developed by the company’s OneLab team. The app is currently available for Android users and can be downloaded via Google Play store.

It is also available as a Chrome extension for Windows and Mac users. OnePlus says the app will launch on iOS devices soon as well. It offers clipboard functionality. The app and extension create a link between devices to share files. “Once installed, you can copy to one device and paste to another or use it to send files back and forth easily, connected to as many devices as you want,” the company said in a statement.

The application uses Google drive to transfer the data. OnePlus says data with Clipt is secure. “We’re only transferring a way to identify this data and tell other devices so it’s safe and secure,” he says.

In permissions, the app requires access to read and write Google storage. “But Clipt can only download the files it creates when they are siled. In the app or extension, we keep the last 10 items available for you, but after that they are automatically deleted so as not to fill your storage space, ”OnePlus said in its blog post.


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