Outside photographers! H&Y now has a protective cap for K-series filters

H&Y, the leading manufacturer of magnetic filters, has just launched a K-series magnetic support cap. The Hong Kong-based company specializes in high-quality stackable filters made from Gorilla Glass for extra durability.

The Magnetic Mount Cap is designed specifically for H&Y’s signature Magnetic Filter System and provides lens protection when the mount is in place. Like the K-series filters, it is made from lightweight, strong, CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum.

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Magnets can be found on either side of the stand cap and have strong magnetic force; with just one click, the holder cap can be attached to the filter holder, leaving the lens protected. The benefit of the mount cap is that photographers will be able to safely store the camera in a bag while on the go, without having to remove the mount each time to attach a lens.

H&Y was the first brand to patent a magnetic system for square filters. Magnets on the stand and the filters themselves allow the user to stack as many as needed, and the K-Series is a zero-gap system, so there’s no risk of light leakage – and the setup can be easily changed with one hand.

With some filter systems, it is common to get a vignetting effect when using lenses wider than 18mm, due to the thickness of the media blocking light entering the lens. The H&Y system has a much thinner backing than others, which greatly reduces the risk of vignetting in images.

While we don’t recommend throwing your filters on the ground to test their resistance, H&Y has done just that. Due to the use of chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass to make the filters, they can withstand being dropped onto concrete, a car, and being walked on without any sign of damage. So if you’re a bit of a clumsy photographer who plans to shoot in places with hard, rocky surfaces, the H&Y system could save you a bit of money in the long run…

The H&Y Support Cap is now available to buy direct from H&Y for $24.99 (approx £18.22 / AU$34.52) and should be available soon from H&Y stockists.

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