Park Updates at Universal Studios Florida for May 1, 2022 (Photo Essay)

Universal Studios Florida continues to suffer from Epcot’s thematic dilemma with walls on every corner. Some of these walls are directly related to the ongoing renovation of The Revenge of the Mummy attraction. Other walls still stand in front of the old Shrek 4-D attraction. However, there have been a lot of changes happening at Universal Studios Florida over the last month or so.

  1. Annual entry for Islands of Adventure pass holders only. This queue will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day until the end of May.

2, a “Welcome Back Summer” food truck was installed in San Francisco and the New York area. In fairness, these food trucks were located here for Mardi Gras 2022. The menus reflect most of the same elements as during Mardi Gras. Mexican street corn appears on one menu while a newer version of a chicken cracker appears on the other. A full review of “Warm Honey Cookie (Chicken)” will appear soon on

  1. Tents for temporary tattoos and name art have been moved to white tents. Their former location requires pavement works. Crew members expect to be back at previous location when pavement work is complete.
  2. Tribute Store entrance location reverted to standard appearance. However, the facade looks odd since the area has been covered with some type of facade since before Halloween Horror Nights 2021.

6. Construction has begun around and inside Louie’s Italian restaurant. For those of you who crave Louie’s pizza, you can still get it. However, the availability of places will be more limited.

7. The obnoxious barrier in the middle of the San Francisco area continues to confuse customers. For the record, I haven’t met anyone who knows why it stays there. This barrier has grown since it appeared earlier this year.

8. Fear Factor Live signage has finally been removed.

9. Labbie the taxi driver informed me that his taxi was missing again. He claimed the Minions took it thinking it was a banana. No taxi return or pick up information exists at this time.

10. Minion popcorn buckets reside throughout the park. These cost $25, with the first popcorn refill being free.

Universal Food Blog’s Xavier Hamilton seen after buying the Minion Popcorn Bucket

May your entire trip to Universal Orlando go well. I hope these updates make your next trip easier.

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