Photographs show socialite massaging Jeffrey Epstein’s feet on the plane

AAn FBI special agent said in New York City court Monday during Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial that evidence “disappeared” from Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse as authorities awaited a warrant.

Special Agent Kelly Maguire recalled how the FBI recovered CDs and other items from a locked safe in an initial search of the Manhattan home on July 6-7, 2019, after Epstein’s arrest for sexual assault.

The FBI agent said agents opened the safe with a saw, finding CDs, jewelry, computer hard drives, “loose diamonds”, passports and “large quantities of US currency “.

They took photographs of the items, but left them at the residence because they did not have a mandate to remove them. When they returned four days later, on July 11, they were no longer there.

Agent Maguire, a member of an FBI task force on child exploitation and human trafficking, said she then called Richard Kahn, Epstein’s attorney who is now the executor testamentary of the estate of the last financier, to ask him what happened to the objects.

“Twenty to thirty minutes after the conversation, Richard Kahn came to the residence and brought them some items in two suitcases,” Constable Maguire said.

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