Photos from Queen Elizabeth Sandringham’s estate: her holiday home unveiled

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If there’s anything that could make us miss more of a vacation, it’s most definitely the photos of Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate. Her Majesty often spends her vacations on the estate’s property, and after photos of the space have been made public, we can fully understand why.

Much like the glimpses of Meghan and Harry’s home in Montecito, Calif., Any glimpse of the not-so-humble abodes of the Royal Family fills followers with joy. For such a private group, getting a glimpse of their accommodation is a treat – and we venture to say that it even helps us better understand their personalities.

Concrete example: the queen is clearly a woman of luxury. When not staying at her Sandringham estate (photos to follow below), she usually spends her days at Buckingham Palace in London. Still, the Queen’s primary place of residence is a little different this year, given current social distancing recommendations in place around the world. The monarch had to remain very cautious, so she often stayed at Windsor Castle with reduced staff following the deaths of her husband and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, in April 2021. Although it is not clear While the Queen will be visiting her vacation home with the rest of the Royal Family this year, royal aficionados can still be transported into the property with the magic of photography.

The Queen typically stays at her Sandringham home during the winter holiday season. However, the estate is equally stunning in the summer when devotees are generally allowed to view the property. In 2020, Sandringham’s Instagram account (@ Sandringham1870) took to social media to share gorgeous views of the home during the warmer months. In the photos posted on their page, there are glimpses of the property’s living room, which Queen Victoria described as “very long and beautiful” in her own 1871 diary. We would agree.

The Instagram account has shared numerous photos of the rest of the space in the past, including photos of Sandringham’s dining room and numerous glimpses of the outdoor property. Inside, “the influence of Queen Mary is still visible inside the house,” they write in one of their legends, with everything from “magnificent Spanish tapestries adorning the walls”, to “Columns, curves and coats of arms”, filling the rooms. Outside, “The gardens are thriving thanks to the warmer weather.

Everything is incredibly breathtaking, to say the least. Oh, and we almost forgot. A snapshot of Sandringham’s Instagram account promises that ‘four-legged friends’ are allowed in many premises. It doesn’t get better than that!

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