Photos of the film “Fletch” with Jon Hamm made public | Joe’s St. Louis

More than 18 months after the project was announced, some sneak peeks at the new movie ‘Fletch’ – starring the #1 STL celebrity Jon Hamm – are available through some still photos.

First announced in July 2020, the film will feature Hamm playing the titular character in Gregory Mcdonald’s book series about fictional journalist Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher.

This latest effort is based on Mcdonald’s second novel, “Confess, Fletch,” in which our hero finds himself in the middle of several murders as he attempts to locate his girlfriend’s stolen art collection.

The cast also includes Hamm’s “Mad Men” co-star John Slatterty, Marcia Gay Harden and Kyle MacLachlan.

The character was first brought to the big screen by Chevy Chase in “Fletch” (1985) and “Fletch Lives” (1989).

Several attempts to reboot the series have failed, with Entertainment Weekly reporting that the likes of Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds have been linked to these false starts.

“It doesn’t interest me and I don’t think anyone else would,” Hamm said. “The character in the book is very different from the depiction of Chevy…so maybe there’s a way to get a more true-to-life version for the book.”

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