PHOTOS: Volunteers help install five analog beaver dams on Amsden Creek, Wyoming


By Brendan LaChance on October 6, 2021

(Wyoming Game and Fish Department)

CASPER, Wyoming. – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department said Wednesday that five beaver dam analogues were recently constructed on Amsden Creek in the Amsden Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

The construction of the analogues of the beaver dam took place on September 10.

“The structures are built by installing a line of posts, with a woven trellis of willow branches between them to create a semi-permeable barrier that is also sealed in some areas with sod and mud,” Game and Fish said. . “The design of the structure is aimed at slowing – but not stopping – the movement of water in small streams, which over time creates conditions that will hopefully attract beaver to naturally inhabit the area. region and make long-term habitat improvements in the riparian zone. “

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Construction and an educational workshop were coordinated by Nature Conservancy. Local conservation organizations as well as government land management agencies participated in the event.

Game and Fish shared photos demonstrating that the beaver dam analogues have an immediate impact once construction is complete:

“Game and fish aquatic habitat biologist Travis Cundy will be monitoring the area in the coming months with tours and photo points to document changes in the area,” the department added.

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