PHOTOS: WKRG News 5 tray disassembly

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – WKRG News 5 is currently working on creating a new set. Monday, May 9, the old set that you have known for a long time has been dismantled.

Although the set disappears, it will be reused. The University of Southern Alabama will revitalize the former WKRG News 5 set for future use in its journalism and meteorology programs. WKRG news director Gene Kirkconnell had this to say about the revitalization of the old set:

“WKRG has a strong relationship with the University of South Alabama. We supported their journalism program and their meteorology program. Their request to use our old set is a great way to provide a tool for students and teachers and we are thrilled to see our old set live in a useful way.

Gene Kirkconnell, WKRG News Director

Here are some pictures of the disassembly.

“This generous donation from WKRG will be a significant upgrade to our existing television and will go a long way towards student recruitment and retention while giving our students the opportunity to improve the quality of their own television content. We value our relationship with the WKRG family very much.

Dr. Steve Rockwell, director of JAGTV from the University of Southern Alabama

Looking at the large, almost empty set, you will notice how big the room is and how much there is to work with. Looking at where the old sets are makes you realize just how big this room really is. For example, the area where the telethon booth once stood, in the photos the blue rectangle in the back right corner, looked much larger when the phones were there. The green wall from where traffic and weather were once reported also seemed larger when the set was built, but now looks much smaller with the room open.

Removal of the old assembly will clear the way for the installation of the new assembly.

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