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Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series.

North Shore Arts Alliance works on behalf of artists in Chautauqua County. The organization is home to artists representing painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, fiber arts, wood and mixed media.

Our flagship event is the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail, although we help create and promote a variety of arts-related events. This year, the Hub Crawl will take place on Saturday and Sunday May 29th and 30th.

Here are some of the artists participating in the event:

¯ Dale Anderson – I am a self-taught welder / artist who has been making garden art and whimsical sculptures from scrap metal for 20 years. I reuse visually interesting metallic shapes that would otherwise be destined for the foundry. The process involves cutting and welding scrap material without any further handling. My work evolves from what type of “Junk” I’ll find the next one. My goal is to turn things of little or no value into things that will make me smile, and hopefully others too.

Melissa Meyers

Nancy Nixon Ensign – Living in isolation and loneliness during the 2020 pandemic, I find the attraction of assemblage over sparse landscapes a way to convey my story to the viewer. Social distancing reflects my unspoken inner voice. Work in the creative studio is appetizing for introverts. The historic and sometimes abandoned homes of Chautauqua County offer unspoiled architectural landscapes that call for painting with isolated figures.

Nancy – Ensign @ instagram or [email protected]

Melissa Meyers – Melissa’s passion for art is one that enjoys exploring new ideas, new media, and using materials in ways that were not intended for them. Sometimes even with good results. His inspiration is found primarily in nature, which abounds in Chautauqua County. She works in traditional mediums, as well as alcohol inks, photography and mixed media. She graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in design and learned to transfer her skills to digital when art began to evolve into new platforms.


By Anastasia McNeal

[email protected]

Tim Sivertsen – I’ve been working on a number of different tangents lately. A series of monochrome pastel / charcoal landscapes on paper develops. There is also a continuous series of fanciful moving figures (pastel and acrylic). I have also checked out a number of older, unfinished (unresolved) pieces from my past and am trying to rework them. It’s very interesting to take a piece that was put aside years ago and review my thought processes at the time. I also have an ongoing series of monocromatic pastel portraits of women in the works.

[email protected]

Leslie Calimeri – Growing up in Chautauqua County, I went on to earn a BA in Commercial Art with a minor in Art History from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I then worked in Northern Virginia as a print / web designer and freelance artist before moving to Chautauqua County where I was employed as the digital communications manager of the Chautauqua Institution before moving to Chautauqua County. open the Chautauqua Art Gallery in 2018 as a place of creation and presentation of my works of art and original prints. . I’m excited to also feature other amazing artists, all of whom have connections to Chautauqua County. I currently reside in Jamestown, NY.

James hoggard

Anastasia McNeal – As a child, Anastasia McNeal was an active tomboy with a passion for the outdoors. It wasn’t until college that she truly fell in love with understanding, then collecting. “vintage” Clothes and accessories. She then wrote her masters thesis on Edith Wharton, then soon moved to Washington, DC, where she found her first real job as a Capitol Hill staff member for a congressman from New York. When it became clear that politics was not her domain, Anastasia explored an unexpected opportunity to work with an established and internationally recognized interior design firm in Washington. It was during this transition to further creative work and intensive exposure to architecture, furniture and textiles that influenced and inspired his professional direction. After stints in floral design and merchandising for a national fashion retailer, Anastasia began designing in 2018 what grew into a small collection that quickly evolved into her brand of handmade and bespoke vintage jewelry, Studio Anastasia McNeal.

[email protected]

James Hoggard – In my photographs, the landscape itself is the art form. My goal is to preserve fragments of it in the most attractive way possible.

All the scenes represented by my photographs are real and remain intact. I am realistic in my photography and try to create each image with a full range of tones from deep black to crisp white while using midtones in a way that emphasizes the brightness of a scene. I hope this feeling of light will invite the viewer to step into the scene, to be part of the image. James Hoggard is originally from Santa Barbara, California, and spent 10 years in Salt Lake City, Utah. James received a BS in Geology from CSU Chico in 1990, then studied traditional photography at Truckee Meadows Community College in Truckee, California. He has used a large format camera for over 20 years and still uses it for the majority of his artwork seen at art festivals. James also uses digital SLR cameras for art reproduction and product work for artists in the area.


By Nancy Nixon Ensign

Thomas Annear – Adventure meets quiet contemplation in my paintings. From the snow-capped peaks of the Tetons to the ancient forests of western New York City, his paintings capture the grandeur and beauty of the American landscape. With a BFA in Painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, my career has shifted over the years from political and abstract pieces to paintings focusing on contemporary uses of the environment. For nearly twenty years, I have sought to capture the unique geography, weather conditions, and natural resources of western New York City through my plein air paintings.

http://www.thomasannear.com/ [email protected]

Next week: more information on the artists.

By Leslie Calimeri

By Thomas Annear

By Dale Anderson

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