Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Photographer Reveals 6 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On Your Big Day

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Everyone wants beautiful photographs from their wedding to document one of the most special days of their life, but there are so many hidden pitfalls when it comes to working with your wedding photographer – just ask. Sanda von Riekhoff of Divine day photography.

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The award-winning photographer has been the mastermind behind some of the most breathtaking shots in Princess Eugenie and Jack brooksbankthe 2018 nuptials. With over ten years of experience, not to mention a high-profile royal wedding under her belt, it’s safe to say that Sandra knows exactly what works and what doesn’t when she does. it’s about creating a picture perfect wedding album.

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Lucky for all the newlyweds planning a wedding, she chatted with HELLO! on the biggest mistakes people make with their wedding photos. Take a look (and notice!) …

1. Do not print your photos

In the digital age, this may seem like an unusual trick, as many newlyweds share a selection of their favorite snaps on social media. And you can always come back to them another day, can’t you? Well, Sandra insists this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

She suggested that getting photos of your big day online and in print is really important.

“I see so many of my wives I’ve worked with in the past that haven’t printed anything. And it’s something that just goes by the wayside – you have kids, and then that album you really want. , because you spent a lot of money on a wedding and the photos, it’s not there, ”she said.

“I think printing is really the key. I hired someone specifically to do it because a lot of photographers are so busy they won’t help you do it, they just don’t have the time.”

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2. Do not introduce your photographer to key people

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Pre-wedding photoshoots can help couples relax in front of the camera

Aside from the obvious wedding guests such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls, it is important to remember that the photographer is essentially a stranger and has no idea who is. really important to the couple. To make sure you get photos with all of your closest friends and distant relatives, flag them up! Sandra explained, “I think a lot of people have this misconception that they’re going to take a picture of themselves with their mom and their best friend. But actually the average marriage is around 100 people, and you’ve got 20. or so the people who are really, really close to you.In fact, you don’t spend a lot of time with the people you know, you end up hanging out and socializing with the people you don’t know as well.

“So when your photographer is there to take a lot of pictures of you, he doesn’t understand you and your favorite people.

“Photographers will take pictures of pretty people wearing nice clothes. So if you don’t want random girlfriends and boyfriends you don’t know getting photographed, you can designate a friend or family member to take pictures. show the photographer who the key people are. “

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If you’re worried about these photos being too staged, Sandra revealed that she has a nifty trick to getting nice, candid photos of the guests. “I’m going to go for a walk and chat with people who you really want candid photos with. So I’m just going to go say hello because a lot of people love natural photos.”

3. Don’t invest in a pre-wedding photoshoot

Some couples just want their wedding day filmed, while others like engagement or pre-wedding photos as well. According to Sandra, it can really help couples become more natural and comfortable in front of the camera if they’ve had experience working with a photographer before.

“It makes the process of taking your photo a lot easier – it’s nothing new to you, and you feel free. I had a couple who came to me and had their pre-shoot with it already. an American photographer, and I could tell they had been there before because they were much more comfortable in front of the camera.


Sandra took this stunning candid photo of Princess Eugenie

“The second reason you might choose to do a photoshoot with your current photographer is that they will have a certain style that you like and that they can teach you how to get photos that style.

“So, for example, if it’s a natural style, you and your partner can talk about different topics to create a kind of mood – so something cheerful, thoughtful, thoughtful, romantic. “

4. Not planning big occasions

Whether you are cutting the cake or making fun of the witness’s speech, the photographer should always know when and where the key moments are going to be so that they can be prepared. After all, they’re one of the few people who need a clear view!

“Think about the speeches and make sure that if you want nice pictures of yourself reacting, you sit where you can be captured easily. An experienced photographer will remove wine bottles etc. of your area so that your photos are not obscured by candlesticks in the nose in the shots. “Nobody wants that!

She encouraged the newlyweds to plan key moments with their photographer

“Think about where you will prepare yourself and make sure you have decent light. Again, a good photographer will take the clutter out of the way for you so that wedding prep photos look the best.

“We only learn this by doing hundreds of weddings,” she added. This brings us to why choosing an experienced photographer is a must …

5. Choose someone with less experience

Obviously, each couple has their own budget. But how Sandra joked to HELLO! : “Pay cheap, pay twice!

If your photographer is new to the industry, they may not have made their own mistakes yet, which means your wedding might be more likely to experience grainy images and upload glitches.

So what is the experience of your wedding photographer? “Five years or five full seasons of marriage is the minimum I would say.”

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Speaking about some of the main mistakes a photographer could make, Sandra added, “If they don’t accidentally take raw photos and the images just aren’t of very good quality, some photographers don’t really have a picture. good equipment and with a lot of grain at the end of the night when it is darker. If you’re a pro and you’ve been doing this for long enough, at some point you’ve probably missed a download and some footage is lost – and then once that happens to you, it never happens again! “

Experienced photographers are essential

So what can they do to stop these things from happening? Sandra said it was important that they use the highest quality memory cards that are replaced every four years to avoid corruption, back things up twice and check that no images are missing, and have backup equipment. “I have four cameras. You have to have everything backing up – reversing lights, reversing cameras, backup batteries,” Sandra said.

6. Walking too fast

Finally, Sandra encourages couples to enjoy their weddings and not to rush in or out – it makes it much harder to get the perfect shot.

“Walk slowly down the aisle!” ” she said. “It helps us take the photo and it’s always good if you can take a kiss halfway down the aisle after the wedding. Your photographer should already know the settings for taking the first moment you leave the space. of the ceremony, but be aware that they may want an extra second to change the settings, so walk even slower before you exit. “

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