Royal photographers catch Madame Tussauds Queen ahead of Platinum Jubilee portrait – The Betoota Advocate


Buckingham Palace photographers faced a mad dash today, having left important work until the last minute.

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, those responsible for photographing her had to pull out all the stops.

Tasked with creating incredibly curated happy snaps for the enjoyment of royalty-loving royalty, photographers had to pay rush delivery charges to ensure everything was ready on time.

Taking the phone from Madame Tussauds in London as well as an express courier, the royal snappers were forced to pay extra to have Queen Liz delivered to the palace in no time.

“It was touch and go there,” laughed one of the official photographers.

“Pack everything up and make sure there are no melting issues.”

“But, we sorted it out just in time, and now you can see the beautiful Platinum Jubilee photo for yourself.”

“Just look at that smile, will you?”

When asked why the Queen had to be picked up from a wax museum, the photographer laughed before a communications director jumped the line to tell us how much Meghan and Kate hate each other.

“We have more exclusive photos that we can share with you, that would really piss off your readers, she’s such a witchy prince stealer,” the communications director said.

“Give us your email, we will send them to you now.”

the lawyer declined the offer.

More soon.

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