Someone made a 3D print of the Barge Chilling Beach sign

Not only was the English Bay Barge recreated as a 3D print, but its now-removed panel was also made into a 3D print.

Local photographer and 3D printing designer Patrick Latter shared photos of the Barge Chilling Beach mini panel on social media this week. The full-size sign was removed by the Vancouver Park Board late last month after being repainted twice with the beach’s traditional Squamish name: “Í7iy̓el̓shn”.

“I modeled it in 4 pieces so it would be possible to print without supports,” the latter wrote in follow-up comments to his post. “As well as printing the sign part separately to allow the final layers to be printed in a different color.”

“The font may look less faithful in the first photo because I ended up reprinting it with a smaller nozzle to help with the small details.”

The latter is printing Barge Chilling Park signs at $20 each to cover time and materials. If you want to buy one for yourself, he can be contacted through his Instagram page.

The printing of the sign comes just weeks after the barge itself was recreated in 3D printing by a Thingiverse user named Calvin.

The latest recreations are part of a growing list of mediums in which the barge has been depicted and which so far include watercolor painting, 3D prints and Lego. The barge could also be recreated as an aluminum planter pending Park Board approval.

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