Studio Fotokino: Stéphane Duroy: Photography, and then …


Landscapes frozen in an endless winter, emptied of all human presence. A silhouette wandering in the streets of a city, as if escaping from a theater stage… In color or in black and white, the photographs of Stephane Duroy impose themselves on the viewer, loaded with the weight of absence, evoking the silent crash of a world in fragments, and the poetry of disenchantment.

For more than forty years, Stéphane Duroy has crisscrossed Europe and the United States in the footsteps of the tragedies that marked the 20th century and their consequences on individuals. Working first as a photojournalist, he gradually moved away from documentary photography to devote himself to the development of demanding work, published in ten books. One of them, entitled Unknown, published in 2007, has in recent years become the medium for new explorations, straddling photography, collage and drawing.

“Photography, and then …” offers a rereading of this extraordinary journey, through a selection of photographs from his different series, taken in Berlin, Great Britain or Montana, mixed with unique copies of his book Unknown # 2, as well as recent paintings painted in acrylics. The whole traces the contours of a production that is constantly questioned and reinterpreted.

“I don’t respect photography, I completely desecrate it and use it like a brush, paint, stencil, letter or word.Stephane Duroy

Stéphane Duroy: Photography, and then …

from October 9 to November 21, 2021

Wednesday – Sunday, 2:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Studio Fotokino

33 Léon Gambetta alley

13001 Marseilles

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