The College will host the Fire/EMS Career Expo on March 24

Emergency services jobs aren’t easy, and the state of the industry reflects that. Since 2005, 160 rural hospitals have closed according to North Carolina’s Rural Health Research Program. This severely limits what could be vital support for so many communities.

The pandemic has forced many to take up different careers. An AAA survey said it made hiring and retaining paramedics and paramedics extremely difficult.

To help combat this and support would-be EMS, Madison College is hosting its second Fire/EMS Career Expo.

“Well, it’s a very well known fact that, uh, not just in Wisconsin, but in general across the country, there’s a shortage of volunteers, especially in the first responder area. Not only fire , but EMS,” said Herfrank Loyo, EMS instructor. “So by hosting these events, we’re creating an opportunity for employers to share the same space with people who are interested in, you know, volunteering or other options job.”

This year, 29 different agencies from all over Wisconsin will be in attendance, not just organizations from the Dane County area. The wide geographic range of attendees is particularly important, Loyo said.

“Communities themselves are struggling because they are not interested or they don’t know… what opportunities are there for us to serve in their communities, especially in their rural or suburban communities,” said Loyo said.

At the event, agencies will showcase what they have to offer. Advisors will also be there to help with resume writing.

The event will take place on March 24 from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Human Protection Services building. Light food and drinks will be available.

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