The leopard was so perfectly hidden in the hills that the photographer couldn’t see it pictured at first – World News


A perfectly synchronized photo of an elusive leopard amazed the photographer who took the photo when he only later realized what he had caught.

Abhinav Garg, 34, had no idea he had successfully captured the leopard in his shots on June 5 until he returned home.

He had waited hours for a sighting after locals told him about the leopard as he visited the Aravali Hills in Jaipur, western Rajasthan state, India,

The amateur photographer, from New Delhi, said: “It was truly the best camouflaged animal I have seen in my life.”

Abhinav, a web engineer, was visiting a temple when locals told him about a leopard sighting.

He took random pictures of the hills before leaving as it started to get dark

He added, “The weather was wonderful on a Saturday night and we reached the temple around 5 pm This temple is surrounded by the hills of Aravali and the temple priest told us many stories of leopard sightings.

“Coming back from the temple, few of the villagers were discussing the leopard sitting on the rock in the hills in front of the temple.”

Excited, he placed his camera facing the rocky slab on the hill, but to his dismay he couldn’t spot the leopard after several hours of waiting.

It was only after transferring the photos to his computer that he realized that the leopard was in the photos.

Abhinav said: “We also tried to see the leopard but couldn’t spot it despite waiting for a while. We decided to leave as it was getting dark and I clicked a few random shots of hills without noticing it [the] leopard.

“After I got home, I transferred all the photos to my laptop and started [to] zoom in on them.

“To my surprise, I found a leopard resting on a rock that was not visible to the naked eye earlier.

“I had never seen a leopard before and was really excited to spot it.”

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