“The Office” star BJ Novak is the face of Random Products around the world after her photo was “mistakenly” shared as a public domain image


Top line

Pictures of Office star BJ Novak has been slapped on random goods around the world, ranging from face paints sold in Uruguay to electric hair clippers in China, after a photo of him was “mistakenly” turned into a picture of the public domain “years ago,” the actor said on Instagram on Tuesday.


Novak shared images on Instagram of his face used on packaging for cologne in Sweden and a rain poncho, among others.

He said he was “too amused” to do anything to stop it.

Novak’s agents were not immediately available to Forbes‘request for comment.

What we don’t know

Who uploaded the Novak image as public domain and what website the image uploaded to.

Key context

Public domain images are photos or clipart images available free of charge for personal and commercial use. Novak is best known for his work on Office, where he played the character of Ryan Howard, in addition to being a screenwriter, director and executive producer of the hit series. He currently writes and directs The premise, who streams on FX on Hulu.

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A photo of BJ Novak was accidentally taken into the public domain, and now his face is imprinted on personal care items and household products around the world (BuzzFeed)

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