The Weather Network – PHOTOS: At Least One Tornado Confirmed After Destructive Storms Hit Ontario

A weekend of heat and humidity set the stage for severe thunderstorms across Ontario on Sunday evening, causing significant damage in some areas. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the storms produced a confirmed tornado as they passed through the area, causing power outages, property damage and injuries.

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Tornado warnings were issued for areas north of Belleville along Highway 7 in the towns of Madoc, Tweed and Actinolite Sunday evening. According to ECCC, the severe storms produced a tornado near Marmora, Madoc and Actinolite.

Tornado warnings were also issued around Frontenac Provincial Park north of Kingston, later spreading to communities like Gananoque and Brockville as the storms moved east.

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) and ECCC sent teams to the Marmora-Madoc-Actinolite region on Monday to assess the damage.

“A long streak of damage approximately 60 km in length was found, due to at least one tornado and downdrafts,” ECCC says.

The damage was initially classified as high-end EF-1 with peak winds reaching nearly 175 km/h. The final length of the trajectory and the strength of the associated winds are not yet determined, however.

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At the height of the storm, Hydro One reported that nearly 40,000 customers were without power.

Below is a list of damage reported along a path from Round Lake, east through Marmora and Madoc, and east of Actinolite:

  • An overturned trailer in Rockdale with multiple injuries reported.
  • Extensive damage to trees, including areas of very large mature trees.
  • Damaged houses with the roof partially removed.
  • Barns completely destroyed.
  • Downed power lines and poles, including on roads.
  • Roads including Highway 7 blocked by fallen trees and power lines.

Below is a selection of photos and videos that were shared on social media as the storms rolled through the province:

Storm damage in Actinolite, Ontario. (Mark Robinson/The Weather Network

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IMG 8625
Storm damage in Actinolite, Ontario. Courtesy of Mark Robinson

Thumbnail courtesy of Northern Tornado Project/Twitter.

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